Hello, I’m Gaby. 

I am a language teacher that helps motivated students like you pass their Cambridge English exams. I adapt to your needs and interests without ignoring grammar and the four basic language skills.

I’m from Bulgaria and live in Barcelona, Spain. I enjoy travelling, hiking and learning languages. Apart from Bulgarian, English and Spanish, I speak a bit of Russian and French. 

Why do I like exam preparation?

I have been in your shoes. I’m aware of all the sacrifice and effort that preparing for such an important exam involves. I took my B2 First (FCE) exam when I was 16. I remember that year as the breakthrough moment in my learning. I finally started to think in English. I had an incredible sense of achievement and satisfaction when I passed the exam. I want the same for you as my students. 

It is a lot of work but it is worth it!

Here is what my student Laura says:

“I love English classes with Gaby. I have been able to pass the B2 in three months with her. Gaby adapts each class based on the person, she is very patient and also she loves teaching.”

Getting that certificate marked my path and I went on to study Applied Linguistics with English and Spanish. Long story short, instead of becoming a translator I became a Spanish teacher. A year later I also started teaching English and here we are 16 years later. I moved to Barcelona in 2008 and got my TEFL qualification.

I have been teaching General English, Business English, Exam preparation, Conversational English at university, high school, language schools, offices, homes, cafes, even in the street. Let’s not forget online and over the phone.

What I have found out to be more in line with my personality is teaching exam preparation and in particular Use of English as I am a bit of a grammar geek and introvert. 

I believe anyone can learn and pass the exam. I have had the honour to be part of the lives of some really great students. I have watched them grow from learning their first irregular verbs to getting their C2 Proficiency. 

Here is what Irene says: 

“Gabi has been my teacher for about 8 years now. I have been able to improve my English, both spoken and written at a considerable speed and combine it with terrible schedules. Thanks to her flexible and personalized way of teaching, I have been able to become both confident and resourceful while speaking or writing in English. She adapts herself to your circumstances and to your level and finds the best way to exploit your potential. She tries to find the way of teaching that she thinks will work best for you and she makes really variate classes so that you get to learn different kind of skills at the same time.”

When Irene needed a partner for the Speaking part of the C2 Proficiency exam, I jumped on the opportunity and did it with her. 

Let’s work together

At a high level you can totally prepare on your own. However, as a teacher I am here to accompany you and keep you accountable as well as share tips and resources that suit your learning style.

So, if you are ready to put in the work and would like to work towards getting your Cambridge certificate, book a class with me. 

If you need to perfect a few tricky language areas such as phrasal verbs, dependent prepositions and linking words, check out my B2 language skills blended course.