B2 language skills course

From a basic to an independent user of English with our B2 language skills course

You can communicate well, now start paying attention to the details. Polish up your language skills to sound more natural in English. Gain accuracy and pass your B2 First exam with flying colours.

B2 language skills course

B2 language skills course is a 4-week course online to learn individually with support from a tutor.

How will I improve?

  • SPEAK in a one-to-one class (four 30-minute sessions)
  • CHAT in a forum with your tutor or other participants
  • REVIEW and download useful files for later
  • TEST yourself with quizzes
  • WRITE and your tasks will be corrected by your tutor

What does the course include?

Language areas:

Word formation

Memorising words isn’t the only way you can increase your vocabulary. If you understand how word formation works you can expand your lexis much quicker.


Some words always go in a combination with others. These sometimes translate well into our native languages but sometimes don’t. Paying attention to some commonly used collocations will make you sound more fluent.

Phrasal verbs

Review some basic phrasal verbs you can’t do without at a B2 level. Take a chance to reflect on useful strategies to learn them and use them successfully.

Adjectives /verbs +prepositions

Polish up this important area as it might make a difference between merely translating and sounding natural.

Discourse markers

Learn how to organise your discourse and sound more fluent using the right discourse markers and linking words.


The price of the course is €77 VAT included.


A new topic opens every Monday. You get 5 weeks to finish the course from your first login.

TAKE THE QUIZ to see if you already know the areas covered in the course.

If you want to check out the course programme first, you can download it here.

If you need more information or have any questions, use the contact form below.