English is a pending item on your list and you tell yourself:

‘I don’t have enough time.’

‘I am not good at languages.’

‘Learning a language is difficult.’

It is time to tick English off your list.

  • You would like to transition from a lower to a higher level.
  • You feel you need to gain confidence and fluency to speak up in meetings, reply to emails and communicate when abroad.
  • You need to prepare for a Cambridge English exam and don’t know where to start.

I believe I can help you go forward and make that change.

My one-to-one online classes

will help you to

  • Understand better spoken speech.
  • Respond quickly and fluently.
  • Expand your vocabulary and be able to discuss a variety of topics.
  • Learn to use grammatical structures correctly.
  • Improve your accuracy and fluency by receiving proper corrections.

I’m Gaby – a language enthusiast and an English teacher

Contact me if you need more information.


Go ahead and book a free call where we can talk about your goals.

What my students say


I love English classes with Gaby. I have been able to pass the B2 in three months with her. Gaby adapts each class based on the person, she is very patient and also she loves teaching.


Thank you. I also wanted to let you know that the classes were more than I expected and your approach of teaching really left a positive impression, thank you for your dedication.


My experience with Gaby is being satisfactory. I'm going to continue with her English classes. Her attention and methods of teaching make me feel comfortable. My speaking is improving and I am very grateful for it.


Gabi has been my teacher for about 8 years now. I have been able to improve my English, both spoken and written at a considerable speed and combine it with terrible schedules. Thanks to her flexible and personalized way of teaching, I have been able to become both confident and resourceful while speaking or writing in English. She adapts herself to your circumstances and to your level and finds the best way to exploit your potential. She tries to find the way of teaching that she thinks will work best for you and she makes really variate classes so that you get to learn different kind of skills at the same time.


Without noticing and in a fun way, I have learnt a lot of vocabulary and gained fluency. Now I can have a conversation without problems. Also, her flexibility allowed me to combine learning with work. This course has helped me to improve my career.