Have something done

have something done means someone does something for you. Example: I had my photo taken by a professional photographer.

Have something done

We use it to express that we don’t do an activity ourselves but another person usually a professional does something for us.

We form it using HAVE (in any tense) + the thing + past participle


I have had my computer repaired = another person has done it for me

I have repaired my computer = I have done it myself

Common examples include: a mechanic, a hairdresser, a painter, an IT specialist, etc.

I had my car serviced. (I didn’t do it myself, a mechanic did it for me)

I am having my house painted. (I am not painting my house myself, a painter is doing it)

I need to have my hair cut. (I am not going to cut it myself, a hairdresser is)

I have had my computer repaired. (I haven’t repaired it myself, an IT guy has)

HAVE changes according to the tense that we want to express.

Past simple = I had…

Present continuous = I am having…

After a modal verb = I need to have…

Present perfect = I have had…

GET can substitute HAVE.

I had my hair cut = I got my hair cut.

I am having my house painted. = I am getting my house painted.

Let’s practise.