How to write an essay using a template



It can help you improve quickly

Using an essay template might sound like cheating but it can give a sense of order and clear rules to follow if you are not used to writing longer pieces. It can be a quick method to help you get familiar with the structure and give you an idea of the number of sentences to use in each part. 

What to do

In the beginning, choose certain phrases to build a sort of a skeleton of your essay to help you deal with time constraints and word limit.

Later on, you could try and substitute those phrases with others. Remember, it is something to help you start and keep your ideas organised but it doesn’t mean it should stop you from experimenting with language.

By repeating certain phrases, they start to sound more natural to you and you are more inclined to use them under pressure during the exam.

By no means, learn by heart whole paragraphs and try to force them into your essay.

Train with the checklist until you know what is expected of you. If you haven’t included all the points, come back to edit your essay only if you have time and after you have written both tasks. 

Let’s recap

  • Choose appropriate phrases to start each part of your essay – introduction, body, conclusion. 
  • Use them in at least a few essays so that you can remember them. 
  • Choose different phrases and write some more. 
  • Pay close attention to how many sentences you need to write in each part in order to be within the word limit. 
  • Check for silly mistakes and repetition. 
  • If you have time check for the other items on the checklist and edit in order to include more complex structures. 

After writing at least 10 essays, you shouldn’t need a template anymore. 

What is a template?

Where do I get a template?

You can download one right here.

B2 First – essay template and checklist

C1 Advanced – essay template and checklist

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