Mindful vocab journalling


The idea is simple. All you have to do is engage in a more mindful way with the word while learning it.

First contact

Be curious about its particular letter combination. Explore the letter sequence by writing it a few times with different type of letters or handwriting. Why not using your non-dominant hand to do it?

Say it out loud

Take a moment to savour the sounds. Is it difficult or quite melodic?

Associate it

Now take a moment to think of a similar word as a synonym or a rhyming word, an antonym is also possible.

Mind map it

Research or look in the text where you took it from with what other words it collocates, pay special attention to prepositions or verbs.

Another way of mapping it might be to write more words from its family or from the same vocabulary topic.

Put it in use

The final step is to use it in a sentence. Make the phrases as personal as you can. Think how you would normally use this word in your discourse.

Another way of doing it might be to come up with some funny or absurd sentence so as to retain the word in your memory with the help of humour.

Review, revise, revisit

After a few days, take a moment to flip through your journal and admire your progress. Soak in the beautifully written pages and all your mindful occurrences and review at the same time.

Final thoughts

As the process might get quicker and quicker with repetition, try to maintain its mindful nature and stop if you catch yourself drifting into doing it mechanically.

All you have to do is enjoy and truly connect to the words. Be present and you might get an extra benefit of increased patience and fulfillment of being engrossed in an entertaining activity.

If you like the idea and need a template, go ahead and download it below. Enjoy!

Download “Journal”

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