Quizlet a new way to study vocabulary


Paper is out, applications are in

Quizlet is one of my favorite applications to use when it comes to memorising vocabulary.

So here are my tips on how to use it with your students.

Instead of a vocabulary notebook

For example, your student has 15 new words per lesson so every time after class he or she introduces these words as a new unit. And as  homework he or she can play with these words in order to memorise them.

Search for a specific vocabulary topic

that other people have created and then just study from there. For instance, there are a lot of irregular verbs lists, adjectives and prepositions, phrasal verbs that other students or teachers have already created.

Mini dictations

The writing exercise that’s inside the application could be a perfect practice for mini dictations. You introduce some phrases studied over the last lessons mixing grammar and vocabulary and the students practise writing them down.

FCE sentence transformations

Another use I’ve seen is to practice the transformations on the first certificate. There are a lot of precreated units so just type in the key words and you are ready to go.  

Play in class

Everyone enjoys a good competition so why not use the matching activity and play a game.  Students can compete who is the fastest at matching vocabulary they have learnt.

Personalise your cards

Using pictures can help remember vocabulary that’s not abstract easily. That’s a paid feature though.

More options on the website

Don’t forget that on the website you have two or three more expanded activities than the five that you have on the application to be used on your mobile.

Easy list sharing

Lists could be shared so as long as one student creates a list for that class all the other students can use it if you got bigger groups. You yourself as a teacher could prepare lists and then share them with your students to either help them organize vocabulary or test them.

So as you can see it’s a very versatile application that gives a lot of play and younger students who use their mobile all the time seem to love it. Suitable for busy adults too.